Posting your ads

See our recommendations below to help you posting your ads quickly and easily.
How do I post your ad?
In order to post an ad, simply go to "My ads" in Menu, then click the button "Place an ad".
Once you have pressed the button, you will be guided through a number of screens where you need to specify the properties of the item you want to sell or rent.

1. You need to choose a category and a subcategory. Choose the category that suits your ad best to collect the maximum responses. You can choose the right category by using our search bar to look for similar ads, and then place your ad in the appropriate category/subcategory.
2. Specify the properties. Depending on the category of your item you may be suggested to specify different properties to help you make a full description of the item and sell it faster. If you want to skip any property simply press "Continue" without choosing anything. You can go back and specify any additional properties at any time.
3. Add the pictures. You can choose up to 10 pictures. Good pictures make all the difference when selling online! Take pictures of the entire item, as well as close-up detail shots. Make sure the background is as clean and uncluttered as possible, and make sure the image is sharp. Do not photograph your items in a dimly lit room.
4. Create a smart title and description for your ad. Use strong keywords in both your title and description. Ad name must contain the name of your product, be clear, attractive and written in an appropriate style. Include important information, such as the brand, size, model, and color. Good keywords will help potential buyers find your listings!
Be honest and accurate in your wording, and describe your items properly.
5. Decide on the price. When deciding how much to sell your item for, first do a quick Eazzy JA search. Then you can check other resale websites and online stores to make sure you're pricing your item correctly.
If you want to give out your item for free, leave it empty.
6. Specify your location. Choose your parish, city and street (optional). It will be easier for a buyer to locate you if he knows where to look at. If you are publishing a real estate ad - specify exactly where it's located.
7. Chose communication option comfortable for you.

Note: we are going to use the number connected to your Eazzy JA account.
8. Choose if you want to use promotion or post a free ad. Note that if you want to sell your item faster it's always better to make your item stand out using premium options.
9.Post your ad!

Note: at any time you can save your ad as a draft and come back to editing it later.
What do I write in the description?
Your description should match your headline and your product. You can publish only one product per one ad.

  • Compose your description grammatically correct, check it for mistakes, make your statement about your product clear and understandable, avoid grammatical errors, typos. Be articulate and you will attract more buyers.
  • You should write only in English.
  • Describe all the details and advantages of your item. Include important information, such as the brand, size, model, and color.
  • Good keywords will help potential buyers find your listings!
Be honest and accurate in your wording, and describe your items properly. For example, if you are describing a real estate object, point out all the prism such as convenient location, state of the interior and so on.
What images or videos should I include in my ad?
The main rule of successful sale – good, bright images of high quality.

Tips you can use:
  • All photos should match your headline and description
  • It is always better when images are real
  • Generic images from the internet repel buyers
  • Do not photograph your items in a dimly lit room. Instead, place your items near a window—or, better yet—take them outside!
  • Make sure the background is as clean and uncluttered as possible.
  • Take pictures of the entire item, as well as close-up detail shots.
  • More photos - more prospective buyers are attracted to your product
Improving your images will probably make the big difference! These tips will increase your buyers' confidence, both in you as the seller and in the item for sale.

Judging by the statistics, ads with 8 photos get around 25% more responses than ads with only one image.

Be aware that you cannot place your contact information (phone number, address, email) on product images. Images with words like "urgent", "clearance", "for sale" and so on are also prohibited.

How do I price my product if i'm not sure how much it cost?
Do not overprice your product. Look for similar ads from other sellers and make sure that your price is not above average.

If you are giving a discount due to some kind of reason (product is in bad condition, broken, scuffed, etc.), always specify it in the description.

Be aware that the price should be an integer and correspond to the product that is listed in your ad.

If you want to give out your item for free, leave the line empty.
Why my ads needs to be checked by a moderator?
A mandatory check of every ad is necessary because of the following reasons:
  • for us to protect our users from frauds
  • for us to prohibit and delete illegal content
  • to help users fill in their ad
By performing a comprehensive review of each ad published on our App, we can guarantee that all listings are accurately classified, contain appropriate headlines, and are easily searchable for every user seeking the desired information.

Who changed my ad description and why?
Each and every ad goes through moderation. While checking your ad, a moderator can change your description and headline so that it meets our App rules. He will never change the overall meaning of your ad.

For example:
  • We remove all "Clearance", "Urgent" from ad headline
  • If your headline is written in "all caps" we will edit it lowercase
  • Remove all contact information and price from the description - there are designated fields for them.
We are always looking for ways to improve our services, and it is our goal to help you create the perfect ad. That's why we correct minor mistakes instead of declining your ad. It will be placed sooner rather than sent back to you for revision.
Why moderators keep deleting phone numbers from description and headline of an ad?
We are interested in keeping you safe. When placed in the right field, only signed in users can see your personal information. That's why the "phone number" field is the only place where your phone can be specified.
Why has my ad been declined?
If your ad has been declined, you will be provided with a reasoning sent to your WhatsApp. In "My ads" section, your ad will be placed under the "Archive" tab and marked as "Blocked".
Common ad rejections:

1. Ad posted in the wrong category. Choose the right category for your ad so that it can get maximum response. You can choose a category for your product by searching similar items on Eazzy JA and then publish your ad in the right category.

2. There is not enough information in your description. Your description says very little about your product. Nobody can understand what exactly you are trying to offer. Spare some time on composing a good description of your product. You should promote your product so that the buyers will find it attractive, but do not deceive them. By carefully composing a product description, you will get rid of the unnecessary phone calls or email messages about your ad from prospective buyers.

3. Prohibited images. Most likely, your images contain your contact information (phone number or email address), it is strictly prohibited by the rules of our App.

Make sure to add images to your ad. A buyer will always choose an ad with a nice and clean picture rather than a similar ad but without any images.

See also: What kind of images or videos should I include in my ad?

4. This ad is a duplicate. The effectiveness of ads depends primarily on their quality and uniqueness. We will not tolerate duplicates, even if your old ad is already hidden. All duplicates are deleted automatically.

5. Demand. We do not take ads with demand inquiries, like: "I want to buy a car". This rule applies to all categories. If you really want to buy something, just look through the ads on our website.

6. You violated the "One ad - one product" rule. More often, buyers look for a specific product. So ads like "This and that, or all together for sale" are almost ineffective. We are looking for quality content, which is why we allow only one item per ad with a good description, proper photo, and a fair price. If your ad contains multiple products, please edit your current posting and make individual ads for each one.

7. Product is in the "prohibited" list.
There is a list of prohibited products that are not allowed on Eazzy JA. It exists because of the current legislative limitations, requires licenses, patents, or simply doesn't meet the policy of using our App and, thereby, are forbidden.

Why can't I post ads like "looking for ..." or "want to buy …"?
If you are looking to buy something - simply look at the ads that are already posted on Eazzy JA.
There are thousands of ads waiting for your attention!

Sellers don't scroll the feed, they won't see your ad so there's no reason in posting anything like "looking for ..." or "want to buy …".
Why can't I post several products in one ad?
Most often, buyers are looking for particular product - that's why ads like "Things for sale" are ineffective.

For example, you posted an ad with the headline: "Things for sale". If somebody is looking for a dress he will use the word "Dress" in search bar. That buyer will never find your ad because your headline doesn't say "Dress" in it. As a result, a buyer can't find what he (she) is looking for, and you can't sell your product.

We want to provide quality content to our users, which is why we allow only one product per ad combined with good photo(s), unique description and a fair price.
What means "Declined due to duplicate ads"?
If your ad was declined due to "Duplicate ads", it means that you posted several identical ads. Please do not post ads about the same product or service repeatedly.

The effectiveness of ads primarily depends on their quality and uniqueness. We don't allow duplicate ads even if the original ad is already hidden. All duplicate ads will be removed automatically.

Please follow our recommendations:
  • Do not remove and repost your ad before its expiration date
  • It is prohibited to repost your ad even if you have hidden your old one
  • Do not use the same headlines, images and descriptions for different ads
  • Do not post duplicates in different categories and/or different cities
  • Do not post duplicate ads about the same product or service using different wording in description.
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