Managing my Ads

See our recommendations below to help you manage your ads within our user-friendly Classified App quickly and easily.
How do I edit my ad?
Go to "My Ads" section, choose the ad you need to edit and press the pencil icon.
Now press triple dots in the upper right corner and choose "Edit" option.
You will be redirected to "Edit" section where you can change any information about your ad. To save changes after you finish making them, press "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen. After correcting any field in the ad it will be subject to moderator check again.
How do I delete my ad?
To remove your ad from the feed, simply select "My ads" on the Menu, navigate to the "Active ads" tab, select the ad you wish to remove, click the "No longer relevant" button and provide the reason for hiding the ad. Once hidden, your ad will not be visible to any user and will be moved to the "Archive" tab. You can still access it from there and republish it if necessary at any time.
How do I reveal my ad from the "Archive"?
Hidden ads are located in the "Archive" tab at "My ads" section.

To activate a hidden ad go to "Archive" tab in "My ads" section, press on the ad you want to reveal and choose "Publish the ad again". We recommend that you check the relevance of the information in the description before republishing.

How do I boost the ad which I published for free?
To boost the ad at any time you can simply select "My ads" on the Menu, navigate to the "Active ads" tab, select the ad you wish to promote, click the "Boost the ad" button. Select the desired upgrade option to boost your ad, make a payment using your bank card, and observe how quickly your item will sell.
Editing and deleting drafts.
To edit your drafts simply select "My ads" on the Menu, navigate to the "Draft" tab, select the ad you wish to edit and click on it to resume editing. To delete the draft simply push trash bin icon.
Why does my ad status say "Blocked"?
This kind of situation can occur when a complaint has been received about your ad from users and moderators deactivated it after checking or your ad violates any rules of using Eazzy JA App.

These are common situations leading to your ad being marked as "Blocked":
  • A buyer called you and you asked from him different price
  • A buyer called you and you said that your product was sold
  • The product you actually selling does not correspond description
  • Your telephone was not available for long period of time
  • Your telephone is hidden in ad and your WhatsApp is incorrect.
  • The ad violates the Eazzy rules
  • You using scamming technics
You can always contact support at info@eazzyja.com to clarify the details.
Why I can't republish my ad from "Archive"?
  • The ads marked as "Blocked" could not be republished as they violated the rules. Please create new correct ad.
  • The ads marked as "Time expired" can be republished only through paid options. This is because they have been shown on the feed for free for 30 days but still haven't sold. We recommend reviewing the description and republishing the ad with boosted options to increase its visibility to potential buyers."
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